How Much Does it Cost to Install a 2 Post Car Lift?


If you're considering purchasing a 2 post car lift but aren't sure what the cost is, you're not alone. This article will go over how much a 2 post lift costs, the space requirements, reliability, and safety standards. Mechanic Superstore website here. After reading this guide, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Price of a 2 post car lift

Two-post car lifts are the most common types of lifts in the automotive service industry. These lifts are designed with two posts on either side and arms that extend out from the posts. These arms rest on a frame under the vehicle and raise it off the ground. This style of lift allows for a wide range of mechanical work.

The price of a two-post car lift varies depending on its capacity and features. The better models feature triple telescoping arms to accommodate wider vehicles. They also have adjustable screw pads and a single-point safety release. The price of a two-post lift may also include the cost of accessories, such as truck adapters, column extensions, and frame cradle pads.

Space requirements

There are a few factors to consider when installing a two post car lift. Firstly, make sure you have adequate space in your garage. You need to ensure there is at least thirteen feet between the lift and the bay door. This will allow you to drive the car in and out without it sticking out the back door.

Another factor to consider is the asymmetry of the lift's arms. If you have an asymmetrical lift, you may need more room to accommodate its arm.


When selecting a 2 post car lift, reliability is an important factor. It is important to buy a car lift that is certified by the ALI. In addition, the manufacturer should stand behind their product by ensuring that the machine is safe for the user. You can also look for safety features like automatic arm restraints, heavy-duty cables, and pulley stiffened base plates. Some lifts come with a user guide to assist with the installation process. They should also come with rubber guards and adjustable truck pad adapters. A relief valve built into the power pump is another safety feature that prevents overheating and protects the suspension works.

In addition to its safety features, a 2 post car lift should come with a detailed instruction manual. These manuals should be read thoroughly before using a lift. It is important to follow the manual from cover to cover and ensure that you understand every step. A good manual will help you use the lift safely and limit your liability.

Safety standards

When installing a two-post car lift, safety is the most important consideration. It is important to check the contact pads on the two posts to ensure that they are the same size. The lift should be installed on a strong concrete slab. Ideally, the concrete should be six to twelve inches thick and have a PSI of 3000.

Make sure to follow the instructions that came with the lift. In particular, the distance between the bay door and the lift should be 13 feet. This distance is necessary to ensure that the car can drive into and out of the bay without sticking out.


When installing a 2 post car lift, commercial shops often install the power unit column on the passenger side. This allows the operator to position the car from the drivers side, while the lift's arms are positioned on the passenger side. The operator can then stand up and raise the lift using the power unit. This process is done without unscrewing the nut or bolts. Once the car is on the lift, the operator can tighten the bleeder screw and release the hydraulic pressure. The operator then has to repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle.

Before purchasing a lift, consider the size of your shop and the space available for the installation. Also, consider whether you'll need an electrical service or concrete slab. You may also need dollies or a rolling table. These options may add to the cost of the lift.